Château des Tertres
Château privé recevant des hôtes depuis 1980
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History of chateau des Tertres

Located on a hillock from which it takes its name, Château des Tertres is overlooking peaceful landscapes.This mansion surrounded with a beautiful park, was built in 1898 by a wealthy retired colonel of the Dragon regiment as a second home.

His successor, Alfred Loewenstein, a parisian engineer, owner from 1927 until 1946,
enjoyed this beautiful house only until 1940. From the beginning of the second world war, Germans occupied the Château until 1944. At liberation, americans troups sojourned at Château des Tertres and were followed with colonial troups of General de Laminat.

In 1948, Château des Tertres was purchased by Mrs. BRION then Mr & Mr FERRAN a marine officer.

In 1953 Mrs. Marie DONNADIEU mother of the famous writer Marguerite DURAS purchased the château des Tertres when she returned from Indochina.
By the end of her carrier she created a succesful private school in Saigon open to french colonists and local students of noble families. When she retired, she decided to spend her last days in Touraine and bought two private chateaux, one for her older son Pierre in Nazelles Négron and Château des Tertres in Onzain for herself.

Marguerite Duras evoked her mother in the novel «l’Amant» written in 1984. This novel which received a literary prize «prix Gongourt» the same year was adapted to the cinema by the movie realisator Jean-Jacques Annaud in 1992.

Mr and Mrs. valois bought Château des Tertres in 1980 and transformed it into an hôtel.
Bernard their son and his wife Christine have been runing the place for the last 30 years.
Postcard from the Chateau des Tertres
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Château des Tertres
Christine & Bernard Valois
11 bis rue de Meuves - 41150 - ONZAIN