Château des Tertres
Château privé recevant des hôtes depuis 1980
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Château Gaillard AMBOISE

Château des Tertres recommand the visit of Château Gaillard, a living place exquisitely furnished in the spirit of the First Italian Renaissance.

The first Italian gardens of the French Renaissance took shape in Château-Gaillard's valley. 

Dom Pacello, a Benedictine botanist monk domesticated nature and transposed the enchanting gardens of Naples to Chateau Gaillard. He acclimatized the first orange trees there, created the orange-trees boxes and set up the first orangery called "limonaia".

The domain has become a conservatoire for theses fruits showcasing 160 orange and lemon trees and 60 different varietes of citruses.

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Château des Tertres
Christine & Bernard Valois
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